In a fast paced world with the internet evolving daily, it is hard to catch up with what the next online trend is, which social media platform will suit your business best or even where you should be advertising!

@ MK Online, we ensure that we stay abreast of all the latest trends and platforms to offer you, our client, an all-round Online Presence solution.

We focus on small to medium size businesses because we are passionate about growing your business with you whilst focusing on brand specific content and marketing, which in turn leaves you free to focus on what counts the most: Running your business.



Our Services

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are our main focus platforms, however we are more than able to assist with others.


Run out of steam for marketing and sales ideas? We’ll consult with you to bring fresh new ideas to your business.

Market Analysis

Continuous market, and self-analysis should be part of your social media plan, we can assist you with this on a monthly basis.


We’re cost effective and efficient. We focus on SME and do not quote on a one size fits all basis. We’ll review requirements first.

Business Growth

We focus on social media, graphics and more to leave you free to focus on what counts the most: Running your business.

Success Report

We offer monthly reports to show your social media progress, what is working for your business and what is not.

Graphic Design

We have a fantastic team of Graphic Designers that create simple logos through to full Corporate Identity and Branding.

Website Design

From simple sites to the not so simple, we’ve got the team to assist making your dreams happen. Contact us today.


A huge part of our business is our loyalty to our customers. To ensure that there is no conflict of interest, each of our Social Media Specialists may only have ONE customer per industry type, per area, on their Portfolio

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Success Reports

It’s important that we be able to showcase the measured results of our efforts will create a summary report for you about our activities and results monthly.